When you grow up with your Granddad having dogs in for training, breeding his own lines and doing demonstrations here, there and everywhere, one of us grandchildren was bound to inherit the training gene, luckily this happened to be me.

Every weekend I used to nag my poor mother and father to take me to the farm and “let me help Grandypops” (as I still call him!) I don’t know who was more patient with me as a 3 year old Grandy or his dogs! I used to turn all Grandy’s buckets up side down and put his brushes across them to make horse fences. His dogs used to fly over them, I however did not, leaving poor Nannie having to wash my clothes AGAIN before I returned home, either way we had a ball!

It wasn’t until I met my other half (Daniel) almost 5 years ago now, that my passion for training became more focused on the Gun Dog side of things. It was in the production of my latest pup Izzy (Ellaqueen Golden Willow) that my training methods really started to take off. After observing me train my little Izzy, I was approached by several individuals asking me to help them train their dogs which brings me where I am today.

Setting You Up For Success!
This course is comprised of 6 individual training sessions which are designed to be used weekly, helping you with your puppy from 8 weeks of age to 13 weeks of age. This course will provide you with essential tools and strategies Setting You Up For Success! This course of 6 1-2-1 private sessions is £100. This includes a free consultation prior to your puppy arriving to go through any questions you may have.

Top Up Your Training!
This is a 1-2-1 session designed as a little refresher for you. If you’re needing a little extra help in achieving your next goal with your beloved dog this is the session for you.
The Top Up Your Training is priced at £20 per Session.

The main question is, are you ready to kick start your training?